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Perfect light at a swoon-worthy St. John villa

It was a busy week photographing one of the most beautiful villas we have ever seen. Sweeping ocean views from every room in the house and ideal weather gave us a perfect experience. Here's a peek of all hands on deck working together to make this photo session a success.  We can't wait to see the professional photos which I guarantee will be much nicer than my little ipad ones.

Zona Corbin, Interiors store manager, oversees the lighting of the fire pit. I love the burnished gold light reflecting on the bronze tiles.

Below, photographer Don Hebert gives a thumbs up as he sets up for the last shot of the day. 


IMG_0237 copy.JPG

We're waiting patiently for the sun to move into the sweet spot, while admiring the view.

Oh. Yes.  One for me. One for you. The trade winds blow gently here, and every so often the droning of the Tortola Ferry reminds us there is a world beyond this perfect one.

We kept calling the backyard the "zen garden", and rightly so.  It is shrouded in peaceful stillness and hushed tones.

Don and Zona take a minute to hammer out the details and plan our shoot list. At every turn there is another stunning vignette, its easy to get distracted!

And of course, the whole reason for this photoshoot is to show off all the gorgeous Interiors products seen throughout the villa.  These footed vessel sinks for example. Just beautiful.

Welcome to Interiors

At last! A website!

Finally, in a labor of love, Interiors' website has gone live.  It was a long and winding road, and I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.  Within you will find gorgeous images and a listing of the products and brands we keep in stock, and those we can special order.  With such an extensive collection, we couldn't possibly stock everything, but more importantly, we know our customers have their own beautiful vision for their home and need that unique tile/chandelier/bathtub to complete it.

One of the most fun parts of putting this website together was shooting some of the lovely homes that have incorporated our products into their vision.  You will see some of them featured throughout the site. One of those homes is this elegant family residence designed with a nod to traditional West Indies style.

With the royal palms, circular brick drive, and the antique fountain, you are immediately welcomed and feel at home. THEN you walk into the foyer with the classic marble checkerboard tiles, antique chandelier and a breath-taking view of the Atlantic Ocean. Wow.

The dining room with its uniquely shaped Saltillo tiles and the mahogany staircase leading to the upstairs bedrooms further echo the owner's graceful and charming character. 

How could this not be your most favorite spot in the house? With the ocean a stone's throw away, you can watch the sea life swim by.  In fact, this is one of the best spots for whale watching in the spring. The more traditional Saltillo tile used here creates a casual atmosphere.

Don on stairs.jpg

We can't leave without a shout-out to Don Hebert for the beautiful photos and wry humor!

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